Filtering Water for Industry

The ManagerIn our factory we cool things using water from a local reservoir. The water is pumped along pipes to the factory.

The water must be very clean, otherwise the particles in the water could block the pipes and pumps.

We need to filter the water to remove any solids. How do you think we could do this? Can you help us find the best method?

Some ideas

These pictures will give you some ideas:

A colander

A colander is used in the kitchen to separate cooked vegetables from the water in which they have been cooked.

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Tea-strainer When tea is made in a pot using loose tea, you can use a tea-strainer to stop the tea leaves ending up in your cup.

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Plug-hole filter


Most wash-basins and sinks have a filter to stop large objects falling down the waste pipe.

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Fishing net

Fishing net

Fishing nets let the water out but keep the fish in. Some nets have a mesh with large holes so only the big fish are caught, and the small ones can escape.

Let's find out more about filters