Cooling Water for Industry

The Manager

Many of our products in our factory are made using chemical changes, and these produce a lot of heat. We need to cool the liquids so the new products are not damaged.

Can you help to find the best way to cool our hot liquids?

Cool ideas

Here are some ideas to get you thinking:

Electric Fan

Electric fan The fan makes air move. This moving air can cool things down by taking away the heat.

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Cooling towers

Cooling towers Power stations generate electricity. This also generates a lot of heat. The large cooling towers help to get rid
of this heat.

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People running

We cool down by sweating. When the water in
sweat evaporates it has a cooling effect on the skin.

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People running

Inside a fridge the temperature is low to keep the food cool.

This helps to stop the food from going "off".

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Car engine

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Car engines make a lot of heat when they are working. The engine has a thermostat which stops the engine over-heating.

The thermostat measures the temperature of the engine. If it gets too hot, the thermostat allows water from the radiator to cool the engine.

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People running

Elephants flap their ears so that the blood in the ears is cooled down.

When blood flows back to the body it can be 2°C cooler than when it went into the ear. This helps to cool the elephant.

Let's think about cooling in industry