Tasty Toothpaste - Teachers' Notes

Three information sections are followed by an interactive snakes and ladders quiz that incorporates questions about teeth and dental health. A printable version of the game is also available, and includes:

Players will also need counters and a dice.

Section Content

All about teeth explains the development of human teeth including x-ray images, the structure and composition of teeth. A variety of images of different types of animals demonstrates the relationship between teeth and diet before looking at how their own different types of teeth are arranged in the mouth according to the function of different teeth for the most efficient chewing action.

Keeping teeth healthy explores the causes of tooth decay and looks at ways to prevent this including short film strips on the history of false teeth and toothpaste and the current production of toothpaste. Transcripts for both of these can be downloaded for teacher information. The making of toothbrushes is demonstrated through animation. There are questions at the end of this section to reinforce the learning.

Models in science explains how alternatives can be substituted into investigations when using the real thing isn’t practical i.e. research into tooth decay . This is an opportunity to explore the valididty of using modeling to demonstrate principles and infer results.


In addition to teeth facts and historical information there are prompts to examine their own teeth and consider their function.