Supercooling Investigation

Research scientistWe found a liquid that can be added to our water. It stops the water from freezing at 0°C. The water and antifreeze mixture stays liquid when below zero. This is an ideal cooling mixture for keeping our explosive liquid cooled to -30°C.

We need to know how much antifreeze to add to keep the mixture from freezing, even at -30°C.

An investigation

We measured the freezing point of different mixtures of antifreeze and water. The results are shown in this table.

Concentration of antifreeze in the water (%) Freezing point of the mixture (°C)
0 0
2 -5
4 -10
6 -15
8 -20

Your turn

Draw a graph and use it to find the concentration of antifreeze needed to keep the mixture liquid at -30°C .

Think about the scale and the axes. They will need to go further than the table values so you can find the percentage (%) of antifreeze needed.


If you need some help you can...

... download a printable results table with the axes prepared

... look at the section about making graphs


When you've made the graph, check out what our scientist found