Where does plastic come from?

Oil is found deep under the ground.

Oil rigs drill a hole into the oil and gas so that it can come up to the surface.

The oil and gas is then transported to the refinery.

Oil rigs can be on the land or in the sea.

Diagram of oil rig at sea

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Oil tanker at seaThe oil and gas is transported to a refinery in large tankers.

If the oil rig is on land, the oil and gas will be taken in large pipes or road tankers.

Oil refineryA refinery is a large factory. It changes the oil and gas into other useful materials.

Some of these materials will be used to make plastics, but usually at another factory..

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Road tanker

Materials from the refinery that are needed to make plastics are transported in road tankers.

ChrisThey are taken to another factory and are used to make plastic.

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