Plastics Playtime - Teachers' Notes

Plastics Playtime includes a number of quizzes and interactive activities.

Section Contents

Choosing plastics is an opportunity to consider the different uses of plastic and why there are different types.

Name that plastic explains how plastics can be identified using their properties, which is particularly useful for a recycling plant, and includes an interactive data collection task.

Where do plastics come from shows the raw materials for plastics are derived from oil and shows the sequence of production from the oil well to plastic pellets that can be molded into useful items.

Making plastic products uses animation to explain the different ways that plastics are produced in different ways according to the required shape and function

Biodegradable plastic explains why this is a very useful option but also why it is not always appropriate and could be a lead to debate about the overuse of disposable goods and the throw away culture that has developed

Puzzles and Quizzes


On-screen crossword with help, or open and print out crossword (pdf)

Word Search

Paper-based word-search (pdf)

Word-search answers also available (not on pupil page)


5 quick multiple choice questions on forces. Self-marked, and answers can be corrected until all are correct.