Road salt

ChrisWhy is it some roads have lots of snow on, but others have very little?

Look at these photos and read the explanations.


A car on a snowy road

Photo of car on snow covered road

It sometimes snows during the winter. If it is cold enough, the snow "sticks" to the roads and pavements. This is dangerous because the snow is slippy. Cars cannot grip the road and may skid. People could fall on the slippery pavements.

Something has to be done about it.

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A car on a cleared road

Photo of car on road cleared of snow.

Rock Salt has been added to this road. Grit helps to give more grip and the salt speeds up how quickly the snow melts. Rock Salt helps to keep the road clear.

If a lot of snow has fallen, it is sometimes cleared away using a snow plough.

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Salt bins

Photo of salt bin.

Rock salt is often put in bins by the side of the road.

Let's find out where Rock Salt comes from.