Salt in Food

Like anything in the food you eat, you need just the right amount of salt each day. If you are aged between 7 and 10, doctors recommend that you eat no more than 5 grammes of salt every day.

Remember though, a lot of salt is added to food before it reaches your plate and so you probably don't need to add any more.

Here is the amount of salt found in some foods you might eat:

Dairylea Lunchable 2.75 g  
Burger King children's meal (cheeseburger, small fries and small cola) 3.3 g  
Walkers Square Potato salt and vinegar flavour snacks 1.25 g  
Portion of Heinz baked beans 2.0 g  
Published by Food Commission    
Photo of tin of Celery Soup

Foods have labels which
list the amount of salt
they contain

Salt and food labels

Foods have labels on their packaging that lists what is in the food. Often they will give the amount of sodium. Multiply this value by 2.5 to get the amount of salt in the food.

How is edible salt made

Salt for food is usually obtained by solution mining or the evaporation of salt from sea water.

Find out how solution mining works