Salt in food

Why do we add salt to food? There are lots of reasons - here are some:


A plate of chips

Salt is often added to food to give it a more interesting taste.

This is often done when the food is being processed. Many people also add extra salt to their food when it is on their plate.

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A photo of mouldy bread

Before people had fridges and freezers, they added salt to food to stop it going off. The salt can help to stop minibeasts growing on the food and making it unfit to be eaten.

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Salt is added to foods to make them look nicer. It helps to give bread a golden colour and makes hotdogs look tasty.

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The texture of a food is how chewy it feels in your mouth. Salt is added to make foods feel good when you chew them. It imroves meats like bacon and helps to keep cheese firm.

But is salt healthy?