Feel the Force

ChrisHi - my name is Chris, and I am going to buy a sailing boat.

The sail pushes the boat along using the force of the wind.

I don't want to waste my money, so I would like you to help me choose the best material for the sail, and the fastest shape for the boat.

Do the investigations following this plan:

1. How to measure forces

Link: Measuring forces

We will need to use force meters in this investigation. Start with some tips on reading force meters and then do some practice tests.

2. The stongest material for the sail

Link: Finding the strongest sail

Next we measure how strong the sail cloth is by seeing how hard you have to pull it before it rips in two

3. The quickest boat shape

Link: The fastest hull shape

Does the shape of the boat make a difference? In this part we test three different shapes to see which is quickest

4. Quiz time

Link: Quiz time

Finally, you can try the quizzes to show how good you are - a force to be reckoned with!