Help Charles to choose the best crops to grow on his land.

Feel the Force

Find the best materials and best shape to design the fastest sailing boat.

Generating Electricity

Are you a Power Detective? Will you take the challenges, and go for gold?

Kitchen Concoctions

Kitchens can be dangerous places! Do you know how to stay safe at home and at work?

Making Medicines

How do we make the ingredients for medicines? How do we make sure they are safe?

A Pinch of Salt

All about salt and what it is used for.

Plastics Playtime

Where do plastics come from? How are plastic things made? Can you take the plastic challenge?


Do you recycle your rubbish? Find out more about what happens to it.

Runny Liquids

Take the challenge. Can you mix the runny liquids to make the cough medicine?


Can we stop water freezing at zero?

Tasty Toothpaste

What have mice and twigs got to do with teeth? How are toothbrushes and toothpaste made?

Water for Industry

Industry needs to filter and cool water. Can you solve the problems?