Kitchen Concoctions - Teachers' Notes

This resource looks at safety in the context of a site visit and the home using a combination of video clips, information and interactive activities. It is split into four short activities that can be used separately or in the sequence indicated.

Safety on site shows different work activities and encourages children to identify and discuss various items of safety wear and protective clothing. It also encourages consideration of safety aspects of using everyday items such as bicycles and playground equipment.

Dangers in the house presents some typical home hazards, and encourages children to construct their own safety guidelines.

Testing soap powders prompts children to think about designing an investigation into testing to find the best soap powder. Children must decide how to carry out a fair test on three powders for the ability to remove stains and also to ensure they do not damage the fabric.

Safety signs quiz contains five multiple choice questions about the meaning of safety signs. These are self-marked, and can be edited to find all the correct answers.